Blackmore's Night Beyond The Sunset -- The Romantic Collection [wo]
Bruce, Sherly Simplemente Amigos [wo]
Enigma Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! [wo]
Enigma LoveSensualityDevotion [wo]
Era The Mass [wo]
Gilberto, Bebel Tanto Tempo [wo]
Madredeus Faluas Do Tejo [wo]
Rajna Ishati [wo]
Stille Volk Hantaoma [wo]
Stonecoat Cherokee Myth [wo]
Tempest Turn Of The Wheel [wo]
This Morn' Omina 7 Years Of Famine [wo]
V/A Nowhere In Africa [wo]
V/A Rio-Havana [wo]
Vedvik, Tom Sutra Spin [wo]

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