...Another One Day... Lost Winter [wo]
Adramelech Seven (MCD) [wo]
Aeba Im Schattenreich [wo]
Agarthi At The Burning, Horizon [wo]
Agathocles Humarrogance [wo]
Agathodaimon Blacken The Angel [wo]
Agnus Dei Wall Of Pain [wo]
Ain Soph/Sigillum S Ain Soph/Sigillum S [wo]
Aion Midian [wo]
Algaion General Enmity [wo]
Allegiance Blodornsoffer [wo]
Allerseelen Alle Lust Will Ewigkeit/Traumlied [wo]
Altura Mercy [wo]
Anasarca Godmachine [wo]
Anathema Alternative 4 [wo]
Anathema Resonance 2 [wo]
Ancient Mad Grandiose Bloodfiends [wo]
Ancient The Cainian Chronicle [wo]
Angel Dust Bleed [wo]
Angra Rebirth [wo]
Annihilator Waking The Fury [wo]
Antichrisis Cantara Anachoreta [wo]
Anvil Absolutely No Alternative [wo]
Apocalyptica Apocalyptica [wo]
Apocalyptica Cult [wo]
Apocalyptica Reflections [wo]
Apophis Heliopolis [wo]
Arch Rival Third Degree Burns [wo]
As Divine Grace Lumo [wo]
Asgaroth Red Shift [wo]
Asgaroth Trapped In The Depths Of Eve [wo]
At The Gates Slaughter Of The Soul [wo]
Atrocity Werk 80 [wo]
Aura Noir The Merciless [wo]
Aurora Dead Electric Nightmares [wo]
Babylon Whores Deggael [wo]
Bal-Sagoth Battle Magic [wo]
Battlelore Battlelore [wo]
Benediction Grind Bastard [wo]
Berzerker, The Dissimulate [wo]
Beseech Souls Highway [wo]
Bewitched Pentagram Prayer [wo]
Black Messiah Screptre Of Black Knowledge [wo]
Blackshine Soulless & Proud [wo]
Blaze As Live As It Gets [wo]
Blaze Tenth Dimension [wo]
Boals, Mark Edge Of The World [wo]
Borknagar The Olden Domain [wo]
Brazen Abbot Guilty As Sin [wo]
Brimstone Carving A Crimson Career [wo]
Broken Hope Loathing [wo]
Burning Point Feeding The Flames [wo]
Burning Point Salvation By Fire [wo]
Caducity Whirler Of Fate [wo]
Cannibal Corpse Gallery Of Suicide [wo]
Castigate Bring Me The Head Of Jesus Christ [wo]
Centurion Arise Of The Empire [wo]
Children Of Bodom Something Wild [wo]
Christ Agony Darkside [wo]
Christ Agony Trilogy [wo]
Cooper, Alice A Fistful Of Alice [wo]
Corporation 187 Perfection In Pain [wo]
Covenant-98 Nixus Polaris [wo]
Crack Of Doom, The Mounth Of Anch [wo]
Crack Up Heads Will Roll [wo]
Cradle Of Filth Cruelty And The Beast [wo]
Cradle Of Filth No Time To Cry [wo]
Crematory Awake [wo]
Crown Of Autumn The Treasures Arcane [wo]
Crown Of Thorns Eternal Death [wo]
Cryptic Carnage Rozelowe [wo]
Dark Funeral Vobiscum Satanas [wo]
Dark Tranquillity The Minds I [wo]
Darkside Shadowfields [wo]
Dead V.I.P. [wo]
Dead Infection Human Slaughter... Till Remains [wo]
Deadsoul Tribe [wo]
Deathwitch The Ultimate Death [wo]
Deceased Fearless Undead Machines [wo]
December Wolves Blasterpiece Theatre [wo]
Defleshed Under The Blade [wo]
Dellamorte Uglier And More Disgusting [wo]
Dementor Kill The Thought On Christ [wo]
Demoniac Stormblade [wo]
Desire There Were Candles Fade [wo]
Dew-Scented Innoscent [wo]
Diabolique Wedding The Grotesque [wo]
Die Apokalyptischen Reiter Soft & Stronger [wo]
Dimmu Borgir Spiritual Black Dimensions [wo]
Disbelief Infected [wo]
Dispatched Promised Land [wo]
Dissection The Past Is Alive (The early mischief) [wo]
Dominium Psycho Path Fever [wo]
Doro Fight [wo]
Drakkar Quest For Glory [wo]
Drowning Pool Sinner [wo]
Dry Kill Logic The Dead And Dreaming [wo]
Earth Pentastarin The Style Of Demons [wo]
Ebony Tears Tortura Insomniae [wo]
Editor Shut Up! [wo]
Eisregen Zerfall [wo]
Elend Weeping Nights [wo]
Embracing Dreams Left Behind [wo]
Embraze Laeh [wo]
Eminenz Anti-genesis [wo]
Enola Gay Strange Encounter [wo]
Enslaved Eld [wo]
Enter Chaos Dreamworker [wo]
Esqarial Amorphous [wo]
Everdawn, The Poems Burn The Past [wo]
Evergrey In Search Of Truth [wo]
Evoke Dreaming The Reality [wo]
Exciter The Dark Command [wo]
Exhibition The Sign Of Tomorrow [wo]
Exhumed Gore Metal [wo]
Falkenbach Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri [wo]
Fear Factory Concrete [wo]
Flotsam And Jetsam High [wo]
Forest Stream Tears Of Mortal Solitude [wo]
Forsth Helvetic War [wo]
Forte Destructive [wo]
Fozzy Happenstance [wo]
Freedom Call Eternity [wo]
Freedom Call The Circle Of Life [wo]
From Thy Ashes One With The Waves MCD [wo]
Frozen Sun Headtrips [wo]
Galloglass Legends From Now And Nevermore [wo]
Gamma Ray Powerplant [wo]
Gardenian Two Feet Stand [wo]
Gates Of Ishtar The Dawn Of Flames [wo]
Gathering, The How To Measure A Planet? [wo]
Gb Arts Return To Forever [wo]
Giants Causeway Destinationincecure [wo]
Gloomy Grim Blood, Monsters, Darkness [wo]
God Dethroned The Grand Grimoire [wo]
Godkiller The End Of The World [wo]
Godkiller The Rebirth Of The Middle Ages [wo]
Gooseflesh Welcome To Suffer Age [wo]
Goresleeps Far Away From Anywhere Else... [wo]
Gorgoroth Destroyer [wo]
Grabak Encylopaedia Infernalis [wo]
Grave Digger Tunes Of Wacken [wo]
Great Deciever, The A Venom Well Designed [wo]
Groinchurn Fink [wo]
Gun Barrel Battle-Tested [wo]
Ha Lela Pabudimas [wo]
Haemorrhage Anatomical Inferno [wo]
Haemorrhage Grume [wo]
Half Japanese Heaven Sent [wo]
Hate Lord Is Avenger [wo]
Hate Eternal King Of All Kings [wo]
Hateplow Everybody Dies [wo]
Haunted, The One Kill Wonder [wo]
Heavenwood Swallow [wo]
Hefeystos Psycho Cafe [wo]
Hermh Angeldemon [wo]
High On Fire Surrounded By Thieves [wo]
Hollow Architect Of The Mind [wo]
Horna Hiidentorni [wo]
Horrible Fascination Compilation Cold Taste Of Death [wo]
Human Fortress Lord Of Earth And Heavens Heir [wo]
Human Remains Where Were You When [wo]
Hyperion Where Stone Is Unscarred [wo]
Iced Earth Alive In Athens [wo]
Impaled Nazarene Rapture [wo]
Impellitteri Pedal To The Metal [wo]
Impellitteri System X [wo]
Impious Evilized [wo]
In Battle The Rade Of The Northmen [wo]
In Darkness Too Cold Inside [wo]
In The Woods... Strange In Stereo [wo]
Incantation Diabolical Conquest [wo]
Incantation The Forsaken Mourning Of Angelic Anguish [wo]
Incantation The Forsaken Mourning Of Angelic Anguish [wo]
Infernal Majesty Unholier Than Thou [wo]
Infest Dead Bell Fuck [wo]
Insision Beneath The Folds Of Flesh [wo]
Iron Maiden Dance Of Death [wo]
Iron Maiden Edward The Great (The Greatest Hits) [wo]
Iron Maiden Virtual XI [wo]
Iron Maiden Virtual XI [wo]
Jesus Martur Sudamerican Porno [wo]
Judas Priest Angel Of Retribution [wo]
Judas Priest Demolition [wo]
Judas Priest Live In London [wo]
Karma Karma [wo]
Katatonia Discouraged Ones [wo]
Korova Dead Like An Angel [wo]
Kreator Enemy Of God [wo]
Kreator Live Kreation [wo]
Kreator Outcast [wo]
Kreator Violent Revolution [wo]
Kristine, Liv Deus Ex Mashina [wo]
Limbonic Art In Abhorrence Dementia [wo]
Lithium Cold [wo]
Living Sacrifice The Hammering Process [wo]
Logical Nonsense Expand The Hive [wo]
Logical Nonsense Soul Polution [wo]
Lord Weird Slough Feg, The Twilight Of The Idols [wo]
Love Like Blood Snakekiller [wo]
Lunaris The Infinite [wo]
Lunatic Gods Sitting By The Fire [wo]
Macbeth Romantic Tragedys Crescendo [wo]
Madder Mortem Mercury [wo]
Malevolent Creation The Fine Art Of Murder [wo]
Marilyn Manson Coma White [wo]
Marilyn Manson Holy Wood [wo]
Marilyn Manson Lest We Forget. The Best Of [wo]
Marilyn Manson The Golden Age Of Grotesque [wo]
Marilyn Manson The Last Tour On Earth [wo]
Marilyn Manson Smells Like Children [wo]
Marshall Law Warning From History [wo]
Master Faith Is In Season [wo]
Mastodon Remission [wo]
May Result Tmina [wo]
McCartney, Linda Wide Prairie [wo]
Megadeth Capitol Punishment The Megadeth Years [wo]
Megadeth Megadeth [wo]
Megadeth The System Has Failed [wo]
Menhir Die Ewigen Steine [wo]
Mercury Rising Upon Deaf Ears [wo]
Mercyful Fate Dead Again [wo]
Messiah's Kiss Prayer For The Dying [wo]
Metal Church The Weight Of The World [wo]
Metallica Garage Inc. [wo]
Metallica Reload [wo]
Metallica St. Anger [wo]
Midnight Sun Metal Machine [wo]
Midvinter At The Night Of The Apocalypse Dragon [wo]
Misanthrope Visionnaire [wo]
Mithotyn King Of The Distant Forest [wo]
Moaning, The Blood From Stone [wo]
Mob Rules Hollowed Be Thy Name [wo]
Monster Rockers Delight [wo]
Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, The The Smell Of Blood But Victory [wo]
Moon Lay Hidden, The Beneath A Cloud [wo]
Morbid Angel Formulas Fatal Of The Flesh [wo]
Mork Gryning Return Fire [wo]
Mortician Zombie Apocalypse [wo]
Motley Crue Greatest Hits [wo]
Motorhead 25 & Alive Boneshaker [wo]
Motorhead Hammered [wo]
Motorhead The Early Years [wo]
Mudvayne l.D.50 [wo]
My Dying Bride The Dreadful Hours [wo]
Mystic Circle Drachenblut [wo]
Mystic Death Voises Of The Obscure World [wo]
Napalm Death Order Of The Leech [wo]
Neglected Fields Synthinity [wo]
Nevermore Dreaming Neon Black [wo]
Nevermore The Politics Of Ecestasy [wo]
Nightfall Lesbian Show [wo]
Nile Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka [wo]
Noctes Pandemonic Requiem [wo]
Nomeansno Dance Of The Headless Bourgeosie [wo]
Nomeansno Would We Be Alive? [wo]
Nomicon Yellow [wo]
Non Serviam Between Light And Darkness [wo]
Now Noise!, The Raging Mad Insanity [wo]
Nuclear Assault Alive Again [wo]
Nuclear Tribunal Attack Of The Salami - Smokers From Venus [wo]
Obscenity Human Barbecue [wo]
Obtained Enslavement Witchcraft [wo]
Old ManS Child The Pagan Prosperity [wo]
Olemus Egod [wo]
On The Frinches Ethic [wo]
Ophthalamia Dominion [wo]
Osi Office Of Strategic Influence [wo]
Otug Alvefald [wo]
Pain Nothing Remains The Same [wo]
Pain Rebirth [wo]
Papa Roach Lovehatetragedy [wo]
Paradise Lost Paradise Lost [wo]
Paragon Chalice Of Steel [wo]
Paragon The Final Command [wo]
Pegazus Breaking The Chains [wo]
Pell, Axel Rudi Knights Live [wo]
Pell, Axel Rudi Shadow Zone [wo]
Pentagram Turn To Stone [wo]
Postmortem Repulsion [wo]
Powergod Evilution. Part I [wo]
Primal Fear Jaws Of Death [wo]
Primordial A Journeys End [wo]
Profanum Profanum AeternumEminence Of Satanic Imperial Art [wo]
Psyco Drama Bent [wo]
Queens Of The Stone Age Songs For The Deaf [wo]
Queensryche OperationLIVEcrime [wo]
Quiet Room, The Introspect [wo]
Quill, The Voodoo Caravan [wo]
Rage From The Cradle To The Stage [wo]
Raging Speedhorn We Will Be Dead Tomorrow [wo]
Ragnarok Arising Realm [wo]
Rammstein Live Aus Berlin [wo]
Rhapsody Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II -- The Dark Secret [wo]
Riger Der Wanderer [wo]
Rob Zombie Hellbillie Deluxe [wo]
Rotting Christ A Dead Poem [wo]
Rough Silk Symphony Of Life [wo]
Royal Hunt Paradox [wo]
Running Shoes The Circle Of Life [wo]
Running Wild Rogues En Vogue [wo]
Sacrilege The Fifth Season [wo]
Sargoth Lay Eden In Ashes [wo]
Savatage Gutter Ballet [wo]
Savatage Power Of The Night [wo]
Savatage Streets. A Rock Opera [wo]
Savior Servant Savior Servant [wo]
Saxon Heavy Metal Thunder [wo]
Saxon Killing Ground [wo]
Saxon Unleash The Beast [wo]
Scheitan Berzerk 2000 [wo]
Septic Flesh A Fallen Temple [wo]
Septic Flesh Ophidian Wheel [wo]
Sepultura Roorback [wo]
Setherial Lords Of The Nightrealm [wo]
Seven Witches Second War In Heaven [wo]
Siebenburgen Grimjaur [wo]
Siebenburgen Plagued By Thy Angel [wo]
Siegfried Drachenherz [wo]
Sinergy Beware The Heavens [wo]
Sinister Aggressive Measures [wo]
Sinner The Nature Of Evil [wo]
Sirrah Did Tomorrow Come... [wo]
Sirrah The Stories Of Defeats [wo]
Six Feet Under Warpath [wo]
Skullview Legends Of Valor [wo]
Slayer Diabolus In Musica [wo]
Slayer God Hates Us All [wo]
Slipknot Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) [wo]
Sodom M-16 [wo]
Sodom One Night In Bangkok [wo]
Soilwork Steel Bath Suicide [wo]
Solefald The Linear Scaffold [wo]
Solstice New Dark Age [wo]
Soulfly 3 [wo]
Soulfly Live In London [wo]
Soulfly Prophecy [wo]
Soulsearch Abred vs Annwn [wo]
Soulsearch Gwynedd [wo]
Soundisciples Audio Manifesto [wo]
Spock's Beard Snow [wo]
Sryclad The Answer Machine? [wo]
Still Breathing September [wo]
Suffocation Despise The Sun [wo]
Summoning Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame [wo]
Sup Room Seven [wo]
System Of A Down Mezmerize [wo]
Tenebrae Hypnotech [wo]
Tenebris Only Fearless Dreams [wo]
Theatre Of Tragedy Aegis [wo]
Therion Vovin [wo]
Thirdmoon Grotesque Autumnal Weepings [wo]
Thuban Zeitgeist [wo]
Thus Defiled Wings Of The Nightstorm [wo]
Thy Seprent Christcrusher [wo]
Tiamat Judas Christ [wo]
Totenmond Vaterchen Frost [wo]
Tristania Ashes [wo]
Tristania Widows Weeds [wo]
Tristania World Of Glass [wo]
Turilli, Luca Demonheart [wo]
Twin Obscenity Where Light Touches None [wo]
Tyran Pace Take A Seat In The Row [wo]
U.D.O. Man And Machine [wo]
Umbra Et Imago Mea Culpa [wo]
Unnatural Throne Of Anguish [wo]
Usurper Twilight Dominion [wo]
V/A Darkthrone Holy Darkthrone. Eight Norwegian Bands Paying Tribute [wo]
V/A Deathophobia [wo]
V/A With Us Or Against Us [wo]
Vader Future Of The Past [wo]
Vader Kingdom [wo]
Vader Live In Japan [wo]
Valhall Heading For Mars [wo]
Valley's Eve The Atmosphere Of Silence [wo]
Vanitas Der Schatten Einer Existenz [wo]
Vanize Bootlicker [wo]
Vermin Millenium Ride [wo]
Vital Remains Forever Underground [wo]
Vulpecula Fons Immortalis [wo]
Wardog A Sound Beating [wo]
Wayd The Ultimate Passion [wo]
Whiplash Sit, Stand, Kneel, Prey [wo]
White Skull Tales From The North [wo]
Withered Beauty Withered Beauty [wo]
Within Temptation The Silent Force [wo]
Wizard Bound By Metal [wo]
Xytras Passage [wo]
Zeni Geva Freedom Bondage [wo]
, Destiny [wo]